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The Velvet Rage @Salon

The Closet is what binds us all, even if for a second. Coming out is our common thread, and what happens next is our legacy, for better or for worse.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t felt the Velvet Rage: gay or straight, in their own way. “If you are to be loved, you must hide the truth about yourself and work at being lovable” is how Alan Downs, PhD, author of “The Velvet Rage,” describes the shame inherent of The Closet. He writes about the gay or bi man’s experience of being overwhelmed by shame, [over]compensating for shame, and cultivating authenticity; though you don’t have to be gay, nor a man, to feel the need to hide a part of yourself at the threat of withheld love for the rest of your life.

Join us as we discuss the causes of our shame and the steps we subconsciously take to deal with that shame. Join us as we gain perspective on ourselves and on our neighbors.

About the curator:

Anthony Ritosa is an actor who bartends and community organizes for friends and friends of friends through Everyday Pride (Gay Day, @Salon). Originally from Ohio, Anthony moved to NYC to attend NYU for drama/applied theatre, and since his first Pride in 2011, hasn't stopped seeking out the LGBTQ Community in all its forms and facets. His great beliefs are in Visibility and Siblinghood. "Every day is Pride if you dress for it."

This event is hosted by @Salon. Ian serves on the council of this monthly discussion group that invites thought-leaders to introduce LGBTQ-centered topics through personal narrative.

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