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My Naked Truth @Salon

How stripping down opened the door to embracing my truth and building my queer community.

I am nudist, not simply because I like to be naked (though it’s pretty great) but because everything that my naked journey has brought me has changed. Nudity helped me accept myself, my gay identity, my imperfect and beautiful body, my struggling and strong heart. Nudity helped me relate to others and see, treat, and love them as my equals. Nudity helped me build a queer community defined by our vulnerability and openness to love the one we love and leave all barriers behind. I’d like to share that journey with you. I’d like to share my naked with you.

About the curator:

Nathaniel Eggleston is an educator, dog-poop-picker-upper, passport holder, and avid netflix binger. He's also a writer, workshop facilitator, and speaker. Born into a religious home, he served two years as a mormon missionary where he learned to define his own future. He has been a performer on touring broadway productions, helped Lucy Lu walk down a street, spoken at the United Nations People of African Origins Conference, and continues his work in social justice and education in New York or anywhere else the fight needs to happen.

This event is hosted by @Salon. Ian serves on the council of this monthly discussion group that invites thought-leaders to introduce LGBTQ-centered topics through personal narrative.


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