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Ways of Loving @Salon

We are taught to find 'the one' and settle down, that a heteronormative marriage is the ideal for which we should all strive. But is it? In searching for this do we put unnecessary pressures on oursleves, our partners, and, ultimately, our relationships? Let's discuss love beyond monogamy and whether one size really does fit all.

About the Curator:
As a creator, Josh Adams is a poet, photographer, painter, and theater-maker. Much of his work explores ways of loving, relationships, gender and sexuality. It makes sense, then, that he co-founded Aperture Theater Company with Sam Kinsman and Avi Soroka in the fall of 2015. Aperture Theater Company showcases interdisciplinary art from beyond the binary and across the gender and sexuality spectrums. We create conversations to improve understanding of the ways humans live and love.

In addition to his creative pursuits, Josh works with small theater companies on capacity building and other businessy things.

Josh lives with his husband and not-too-far from his zucchini (queerplatonic partner).

This event is hosted by @Salon. Ian serves on the council of this monthly discussion group that invites thought-leaders to introduce LGBTQ-centered topics through personal narrative.


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